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Cleaning cement storage robot
——Hydraulic cleaning of cement storage
This equipment aims at the existing cement storehouse cleaning technology is difficult, low efficiency, poor cleaning effect, and there are a lot of personnel safety hidden defects, and then the use of intelligent integrated equipment, intelligent descaling robot to completely solve the security hidden trouble, to meet the needs of descaling and cleaning. The work efficiency and cleaning time of descaling and cleaning house are improved, and the energy is saved greatly.   Call me if you need .+86 18281508383    E-MAIL:308592019@qq.com
(PRICE :180000RMB)
Carbon dioxide air splitter
——Effective clearance of blockage
At present, most cement storehouses in cement plants often use manual dredge to deal with the blockage of discharging port, which is not safe, efficient and low. This device can solve the above problems easily and quickly. The work efficiency of cement transportation is improved, and energy is saved greatly.   Call me if you need .+86 18281508383 ; E-MAIL:308592019@qq.com;  (PRICE :12000RMB)
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